Improving Your ROI

How can Progress Printing Plus improve your bottom line?

We know it. We get it.

There are always people within your organization who are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and create a larger profit margin. That is just good business—and that’s their job.

Let us help you.

Marketing budgets are often condensed when the economy slows. This is unfortunate and potentially devastating long term. So, how can you maximize your dollars and still produce exceptional printed projects that captivate readers and prompt customers to act?

We all know digital media has evolved and become a mainstream method of communication including hitting and tracking your target markets. True, and we agree completely. However, we also know that tangible, visible marketing pieces gain more interest and resonate better with certain markets for particular products and services.

How can Progress help?

When you chose a printer who has tenured, experienced print consultants and support staff, you receive much more than a beautiful piece your creative teams can be proud to present.

Our team can help improve your ROI:

·      Advises the best time to purchase certain paper stock

·      Assists in the planning process to ensure a strategic delivery date

·      Provides options for paper size and weight to maximize budgets

·      Offers treatments and options to make a powerful first impression

·      Recommends augmented reality or digital elements to diversify delivery

·      Maintains brand standards through G7 color matching system

The Plus in our name is because we offer our customers more than just quality print. Our collaborative approach to print helps increase your profit margin and proactively keeps revenue streams moving in the right direction.

Don’t marginalize your print partner’s ability to impact your bottom line. Call one of our print consultants today to have an open conversation about your needs and goals for the last quarter. Utilize the Plus.

Tina Joyce