Practical. Conscientious. Multi-faceted.

His posture is strong and there is humor behind his words. Bobby Edwards has dedicated 30 years to the success of Progress Printing Plus, now working in purchasing and estimating.

He builds and nurtures the relationships he has cultivated over the years. Communicating with vendors and seeking like-minded partners in the industry is not only important to Bobby, it is vital for Progress.

Thirty years in the industry has built a diverse skill set in which Bobby can use his love for the outdoors, the practicality of responsible decision-making, and the patience for impeccable timing.

His Hobby

Wildlife habitat management is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life for Bobby. He cuts and bales hay, hunts and fishes, and has always had a garden. “I love a challenge and knowing where our food comes from, “ he explains.

Successful gardening takes time and attention. Understanding the soil’s needs and tending to crops is much like building relationships with vendors. Those are attributes he likes to pass on to his children and grandchildren.

Every year his family grows the staples: tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers. From there, crops vary each year. Ultimately canning, freezing, and sharing complete the successful process.

Tina Joyce