Sincere. Joyful. Innovative.

His wide grin tells a spirited story and his strong hands build a creative memory. John Wallisky is intriguing and someone you may always remember once you meet him. His entire adult life has been working in print, beginning at the age of 17. His depth of experience continues to prove invaluable to the success of Progress Printing Plus. 

As a maintenance technician, John’s relentless drive and innovative mind keeps the plant’s technology running smoothly. Understanding the mechanics behind the $50,000,000 worth of printing equipment is only part of his value. John also understands people. He has graciously given the last 14 years to making the Progress team better.

His Hobby

If wood is involved, John is interested. Through an invaluable firewood ministry, John and a group of men provide heat and comfort to those less fortunate through the winter months. Their team also assists others by cutting up fallen trees, broken limbs, and unwanted forest debris. By serving those in need, he often ends up with many unique cuts and types of wood.

John also cultivates the trees on his own property. He saves every piece of lumber he harvests and runs them through his own personal sawmill. From his ministry and property, Christmas comes alive each year with the creation of wood ornaments, wreaths, and decorative treasures.

 Every weekend during the holiday season John and his wife display their creations at a variety of craft fairs. Beyond sharing their Christmas joy, they also build lasting relationships with buyers and other vendors. “I love Christmas and talking with people—sharing the gift. I love that something I created brightens a person’s day,” shares John.

Tina Joyce