Compassionate. Collaborative. Diligent.

He communicates with a contagious smile and a tender spirit. His desire to support his team is evident by how he works with new hires. Danny has played a critical part, behind the scenes, as a Lead Pressman at Progress Printing Plus since 1989.

The quote hanging at his workstation reflects more than just his mindset for an 8-hour shift. “ Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”

Danny diligently keeps track of many aspects of the project, from start to finish. He constantly watches the press and scrutinizes samples for variations in color or quality while documenting, or even halting productions, at the slightest sign of discrepancies.

While training, he reminds his team, “No one person is more important than another.” Danny knows every aspect of the process is important in producing exceptional print.

His Hobby

Revelation Cletus has Danny Mahone’s time and his heart. “Cletus”, a 155 lbs South African Mastiff, recently qualified for the infamous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, to be held mid-February at Madison Square Garden.

Danny, known as Boone to his family and friends, explains, “My wife has the talent. I am simply part of the team.”

Teamwork is important as the husband-wife team travels the entire region competing with Revelation Cletus, accumulating points. Danny manages the networking and logistics while his wife is the primary handler during competition.

When training his Progress team, Danny explains, “No one person is more important than another. We all work together.”

His humble and collaborative approach is what breeds success.

Tina Joyce