Bringing Pure Color to Every Project

Progress Printing Plus is proud to announce they are re-qualified as a G7 Master Printer.

Their team is highly trained to use the G7® Proof-to-Print process and utilizes approved calibration data. The G7 Master Printer qualification ensures they use the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls, and standards required to produce precise visual matches from proof to print.

For those industries where color matching is imperative, Progress Printing’s re-qualification as a G7 Master Printer adds tremendous value. Their customers can experience perfect quality color proofs, quick turnarounds, and lower printing costs.

Print buyers should expect their commercial printer to be qualified and certified.

G7® is a method of attaining a desired grayscale and tonal curve used for calibrating a proofing and printing system. G7 yields a precise color match between different imaging systems and enables shared appearance between different printing devices.

The Progress team’s goal is to bring the purest colors to every print project.

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