Mail Plus

The Progress Printing Plus team understands the importance of clean data for high volume mailers. We go to great lengths to offer our customers services to improve efficiencies—saving you time and money.

One component of Mail Plus is the ability to ensue your mailing data is complete, correct, and current. This accuracy results in a higher percentage of customer reach, ultimately improving your bottom line by recovering lost contacts.

This means fewer returns and more people getting your message! 

Time sensitive material requires immediate address correction and re-mailing. Otherwise, the message or offer is often irrelevant. By utilizing Mail Plus, our team can now clean up your data lists BEFORE the project reaches the post office.

How does Mail Plus work?

While there are many facets of Mail Plus, we are excited to highlight two features called Address Resolution Service (or ARS) and Proprietary Change of Address (or PCOA). Every address list we process goes through a CASS™ process. Mail Plus allows us to take the process one step further by analyzing and improving your delivery of Non-DPV addresses. PCOA adds an additional 12 months of move updates to your list, increasing the normal 48-month National Change of Address (NCOA) updates to 60 months.

A Mail Plus software ensure residential and business addresses are updated from the latest files. This goes beyond traditional methods of ensuring your data is compliant with USPS®.

Contact your sales representative to learn how to begin using Mail Plus for your next project.


Tina Joyce